Carol’S Story

I feel so energetic and alive again!

My name is Carol and this is my Beneve Story… What a difference a year can make!!!! I started slowly gaining weight when i hit the “lady change stage” in life. Nothing I did would budge the weight! I had doctors run tests and they said “everything is normal”. I was so frustrated!! Then last year I was sent a sample of this new product to try out. I’ve never liked coffee but I’m the girl who’d drink dirt to get results!!🤪 When you’re committed to finding a solution, you’ll follow the process right?

Day one I felt the energy and the fat burning properties! I wasn’t as hungry or craving snacks and the desire for sweets was gone!!! I stopped all sugar and sodas with the help of the trio! I drink the coffee in the morning and take the capsule then around 2:00 I drink the watermelon berry. The trio works the best for me for all day energy and fat burning. I’m down 44 lbs and went from size 12/14 to a size 4 jeans! I’m a few months away from turning 60 years old and feel so energetic and alive again! My hair is healthy again and my skin is glowing.

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